Wednesday, July 7

Smith's Deals 7/7-7/13

*3 Day Sale! July 8-10 only:

*General Mills Cereal Chocolate Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Total Whole Grain, Cheerios or Lucky Charms 10.6-17 oz. $1.49
Must buy 4 to get this sale price
.60/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable coupon (Print 2)
Or use $1/2 SS 5/30
Or use
.55/1 Cheerios printable coupon (Print 2)
Or use
$1/2 Cheerios printable coupon (Print 2)
$1/2 Cheerios printable coupon (Print 2)
Or use
.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable coupon (Print 2)
Also use
.55/1 & .75/1 cereal eCoupons
And use
.55/1 & .75/1 cereal eCoupons
And use
.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch eCoupon
Final price: As low as 31, 34 or 39 cents each!

*Kroger Brand Orange Juice 1/2 gallon 99 cents!

*Mountain Dairy Chocolate Milk 1/2 gallon 99 cents!

*Smith's Large Eggs Dozen 69 cents!

*Cool Classics Twin Pops 12 ct. 78 cents!

*Budget Gourmet Entrees 7.5 oz. 57 cents!

*Kroger Brand Frozen Potatoes 14-32 oz. $1.19!

*Kroger Brand Apple Juice 64 oz. 99 cents!

*American Beauty Pasta 12-16 oz. 50 cents!

Regular Sale Items:

Dial Liquid Hand Soap 8.5 oz. $1.00
Use .35/1 RP 6/13
Final price: 65 cents!

Ivory Body Wash 12 oz. $1.00
Use .50/1 P&G 6/6
Plus use
.50/1 Ivory eCoupon
Final price: FREE!
Or use .25/1 P&G 6/6
Plus the above eCoupon
Final price: 25 cents!

Coppertone Suncare Products 6-8 oz. $5.00
$1/1 Coppertone printable coupon
Final price: $4.00!

Kroger Brand Toaster Treats All Varieties 8 ct. $1.00!

Mars M&Ms Chocolate Candies 1.14-1.74oz 50 cents
Use BOGO FREE RP 6/27 coupon
Final price: 25 cents each!

Starkist Pouch Tuna All Varieties 2.6-3 oz. $1.00
Use B2G1 FREE RP 6/20
Final price: 66 cents each

Post Cereal Honey Bunches of Oats or With Almonds, Honey Bunches with Strawberries or Peaches, Natural Raisin Bran, Honeycomb, Golden Crisp, Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles 11-20 oz. $1.50
$2/1 Post Cereal printable coupon
Final price: FREE!

Tide Stain Release Duo pacs or Stain Release in Wash Booster 68 oz. or 34 ct. $9.99
Use $3/1 P&G 7/4
Or use
$3/1 Tide printable coupon
Also use
$3/1 Tide eCoupon
Final price: $3.99!

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent 100-128 oz. $9.99
Use $1/1 P&G 7/4
Also use
$2/1 Tide eCoupon
Final price: $6.99

Downy Liquid Fabric Softener All Varieties 41-51 oz. $4.99
Use .25/1 P&G 6/6
Also use
$2/1 Downy eCoupon
Final price: $2.74!

Nestle Nesquik Flavored Milk 13.5-16 oz. $1.00
Use $1/2 SS 5/2
Final price: 50 cents each!

Yoplait GoGurt Yogurt All Varieties 8 pk. $2.00
Use .75/2 SS 5/30
Or use
.75/2 Yoplait GoGurt printable coupon
Also use
.75/2 GoGurt eCoupon
Also use
.75/2 GoGurt eCoupon
Final price: $1.25 each!

Kroger Brand Orange Juice Gallon $1.99

Fast Fixin' Chicken All Varieties 6-10 oz. $1.00
Use $1/1 All You March or May Magazine coupon
Final price: FREE!

DiGiorno Pizza All Varieties 11.9-34.2 oz. $4.77
$2/1 DiGiorno printable coupon
Or use
$1.50/1 Digiorno printable coupon (Print 2)
Final price: $2.77-$3.27

Fuze Drink All Varieties 18-18.5 oz. $1.00
$1/3 Fuze eCoupon
Final price: 66 cents!

New York Steak Beef Loin, Bone In, Super Value Pack $4.49/lb.!

Ball Park Meat Franks 16 oz. $1.50

.75/2 Ball Park printable coupon
Also use
.75/1 Ball Park eCoupon
Final price: 75 cents!

Barilla Pasta All Varieties 12-16 oz. $1.00
$1/2 Barilla printable coupon (Print 2)
Final price: 50 cents!

Buitoni Pasta or Sauce All Varieties 9-15 oz. $2.50
$1/1 Buitoni printable coupon
Final price: $1.50

Betty Crocker Helpers Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna, All Varieties 4.3-8.4 oz. $1.00

Use .75/3 SS 5/30
Also use
.75/3 Betty Crocker Helpers eCoupon
Also use
.75/3 Betty Crocker Helpers eCoupon
Also use
.75/3 Betty Crocker Helpers eCoupon
Final price: 50 cents each!

Chicken Fillet Sandwich at Service Deli 4 oz. $1.99
.99/1 Chicken Sandwich eCoupon
Final price: $1.00!

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Vaylene & Jordan said...

What are ecoupons and how do they work?

Heather said...

Thanks for your question. Ecoupons are coupons that may be "loaded" onto your shopper's card- in this case, your Smith's card.
There are 4 different websites you may use to load your eCoupons onto your Smith's card. It's easy, just register at each site using your card number, then click on the coupons- they are automatically loaded to your card and automatically the coupon amounts are taken off at checkout.

Here are the 4 websites to load eCoupons: Cellfire, Shortcuts, P&G eSaver coupons, Smith's. I always load all the coupons, then print a list of the coupons I have to help me keep them in my mind and when I can stack regular paper coupons with them. Enjoy! And, please let me know if you have any other questions.

Amanda said...

Heather...when you stack ecoupons and printables the gogurts should be $.50 right? Thanks

Liz said...

I printed the Post Cereal coupon to get my free Honey Bunches of Oats, but it says it can only be used for shredded wheat, Grape nuts, or Raisin Bran. ?? can I use it for Honey Bunches of Oats. So far the stores I got to are pretty nit picky about what coupons I use.

Paige said...

So I just got back from my trip to Smith's and three of my ecoupons did not come off. I'm a little bugged. I went to pay 30 something cents for each and came back paying a dollar or so each. Both from Smith's didn't work and one from shortcuts. Have you had this happen before. Do you know how to fix the problem? I'd love you're help!

Heather said...

@ Amanda- I wish they were only 50 cents each!! They are $1.25 each because both coupons are .75/2 coupns, not .75/1- so you save 75 cents on each packet when you stack the coupons!

@ Liz- Yes, you are right, I forgot about the 3 cereals that you may use the coupon for. It looks like you can get FREE Raisin Bran boxes with this coupon, because Raisin Bran is included in the sale.

@Paige- Yes, I have had eCoupons not work before... unfortunately. The only thing to do is contact the eCoupon source- in your case, the Smith's eCoupon site and Shortcuts. You can either e-mail them or call them. In my opinion, it is easier to call them. Look up their numbers from the links in my previous comment. They should be able to tell that you indeed had the coupons loaded and that you bought the required products. They will make it so the eCoupon amounts will come off at your next transaction at Smith's, regardless of what you buy.
I hope this turns out smoothly- you're not alone with this problem!

Paige said...

So I am really confused...does the Kroger site show all of the coupons I have loaded from all of the other sites? I called Kroger and they say that the coupon doesn't show up on their screen but I have it on mine. She said that she could see I got one from shortcuts but not from them but I loaded one on both sites. Can you not do this? The only two times I have used ecoupons I have had problems last time I just let it go but this time I am bugged I am about ready to never use them again. Sorry, it has been one of those mornings. I woke up to the cheap Palermos pizzas I got from Family Fresh left on the counter all night long and ruined (my husband had surgery and I have to get ice out often and had to move the pizzas to get to it) and then I got to Smith's and this. :) I love it! Such is life I guess. Thanks for letting me rant and some clarification on some of these things will be much appreciated. :)

Paige said...

P.S. I tried emailing shortcuts and it says the my number is not active but it worked for one of my coupons. I don't understand. I'll have to try calling later.

Heather said...

I'm sorry this has turned into a frustrating situation for you, Paige. (And about your ruined pizza- that stinks!)
I'm not sure why the Kroger site would be able to see your eCoupon from Shortcuts, that does sound like a mystery. I thought that they were only linked to the coupons from their own site.
I hope you have better luck today and I wish there was more that I could do to help you!
One thing that I do when coupon use doesn't always go the way I think it will is to think of it as a game. I mostly win everytime and and things that don't work out are made up for all the money saved in other ways!

Again, I am sorry!

Paige said...

Thanks for your responses. I'm sure today will be just grand. I guess I really ought to look at it in this way. Just a few short months ago (before I started couponing) the deal I got today even without the ecoupons would've been sweet! And about the pizza...I ended up going back for more. I was glad it was a pdf coupon and they weren't printed out. Thanks for all you do and for caring! As my little boy would say, "You're the bomb!" :)