Wednesday, July 7

Win a $60 CSN Stores Gift Card!

CSN stores is going to give one of YOU a $60 gift card to use on their sites! This Savvy Sister Shops giveaway is one of the biggest yet! You can use your gift card for anything you choose on CSN websites. They have over 200 sites to choose from!

Whether you spend your gift card on games or toys for your kids' birthday or Christmas gifts, or items for your home like decorating or lights- there's so much to choose from!

The way to enter this giveaway is going to be a little different from the others.... it will totally up to you whether you win or not!

See the 'Suggest This' tab on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page? It's the third tab. Use this program the most and win the $60 CSN Stores gift card! Whoever uses the 'Suggest This' program & invites the most friends to 'Like' Savvy Sister Shops on Facebook will be the winner of the $60 gift card! (A big thanks to my friend Deidre at
Cuckoo for Coupon Deals for showing me this program!)

I will be able to track how many invites you send out and will know who the clear winner will be. Don't use the 'Suggest to Friends' tab under the Savvy Sister Shops logo, because this will not track how many invitations you send out. You need to use the 'Suggest This' tab and program so that I can see how may invitations you send.

You have until Monday, July 12 11:59 PM MST to invite tons of friends to like Savvy Sister Shops on Facebook. They don't need to accept the invitation, they just need to be invited in order for you to qualify to be the winner of this giftcard. If, for some reason, there is a tie in the number of invitations sent, I will then use to choose our winner. *One item about the 'Suggest This' app is that you may only invite 8 people a day- so don't miss a day! You may also be able to send individual invitations and post it on your Facebook stream. If your friends accept the invitation to 'Like' Savvy Sister Shops, that total number will be added to your individual invitations, too. All of these items will get your more invites and increase your chances to win the $60 CSN gift card!

Good luck- I'll be posting stats this week to see who our top inviters are!


Karen said...

So I have a question, will the winner be based on how many invites are sent out or how many are accepted?

Heather said...

Hi Karen-
Sorry if that's confusing! I will add the number of invites to the number of accepted invitations if it's placed on your stream. So top number of invites + number accepted from the stream. I won't count the number accepted from individual invites. I hope that helps!