Saturday, November 20

Cuddlee Pet Pillows- $10.99 Shipped!

Since our Kroger Pillow Pet Deal was a no-go, I was really excited to find this online deal for Cuddlee "Pet Pillows"- only $10.99 with FREE shipping!!

Just head over to to find the pet pillows- choose the category 'Toys' and then type in Cuddlee in the refine your search box to find this awesome deal. The Cuddlee pillows are NOT the real thing, but they sure look it! (I'm betting your little one won't be able to tell the difference...) The price will say $11.99, but as soon as you add it to your cart, it will take an additional $1.00 off making the final price $10.99 shipped!

If you want to order additional Cuddlee Pets, add them in additional orders to get the $1.00 off each time. They have the following in stock: Brown Bear, Cream Dog, Pink Bunny, Red Ladybug, Tan Cat, and White Panda. What a great deal and it should ship to your house in just a few days!

Thanks, Julia!


The Lenderman's said...

Just as an FYI on these: I was reading about them on another site and they are about half the size of the Pillow Pets and not as well sewn. They seem to work as travel size and for the little kids.

Heather said...

Thanks for the heads up! I thought these were "extra large" 18"? We'll see- my son said he's settle for a panda! I'm excited as he was always talking about the dolphin.

Jen Nelson said...

Super cute! I got Kell the doggie!

Thanks Heather!

p.s. I'll check all the stitching and this won't go in his crib! (just covering all my bases! lol)

Heather said...

Kell- what a cutie, I don't know how you live with him. I'd just snuggle and hug him all day! :)
Please post some pics when he gets it!