Friday, November 19

Zulily: Dresses for Girls Sale!

Zulily is having a special sale on all things girl! I loved finding these sweet holiday dresses in the online store "SweetHeart Rose." These are top quality finds- but for great prices! The red toddler dress above is priced at $19.99!

This cute dress for your little one is just

I think this dress is completely adorable! (I have a daughter that loves, loves, loves the pink and brown colors.) This dress is
$28.99 at Zulily today!

This is only a few examples of the many dresses and girls items at Zulily today. You will need to
set up a Zulily account to view all of the sales. There is even a deal at the online store "Fashion Playtes" where your daughter can custom design the clothes she would like to order for 50% off!

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