Saturday, December 4


More good news for coupon shoppers! Kmart is hosting a SUPER DOUBLE coupon event- double coupons up to $2 each (limit 5 per day) with a $25 purchase in grocery or drugstore items.

You will need a Shop Your Way Rewards Card to double your coupons. If you do not have one, apply for one and print a temporary card while you wait for your plastic card to be mailed to you. I'm thinking you will be able to purchase $25 in groceries with your card like this:

1. Hand your Shop Your Way Rewards Card to the cashier.

2. Ring up all the groceries $25 worth of food and or/ drugstore items + five double coupon items. (Perfect scenario is to have five $4 items that you have $2 coupons for!)

3. Hand the first five coupons to the cashier. Make sure these are the ones you want doubled.

4. Give the cashier the rest of the coupons that match up with your $25 purchase items. (These coupons will be taken at face value and will not be doubled.)

This should give you at least $20 in FREE items, plus you'll save on the first $25 purchase as well! Have a great time shopping! Find a Kmart location near you. And, as always, call your local Kmart to be sure they are participating. From this list, it looks like the Kmart stores in NJ are participating from Monday, Dec. 6-8.

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