Wednesday, December 1

FREE Christmas Music Galore!

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Silent Night by Sister Hazel
Barsuk Records: 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler
Elemint’s Born Fresh
Sister Hazel: 20 in 10 Digital Collection
The Karaoke Channel: Best Traditional Christmas Songs

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FREE MP3 songs on Amazon – right now there’s 2,300!

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There are also 16 tracks on
The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree by The Veggie Tales.

Money Wise Moms!


Brianna said...

Thank you! I love when I can get free music. Sad you moved from Utah (okay, so I am happy given the circumstances), but I still follow your site! LOVE it! :)

Heather said...

Thanks so much! Even though we're in different states, we all love a good deal!

Thanks for your kind comment.