Tuesday, May 18

Restaurant.com $25 for $3!

Restaurant.com gift certificates on are sale... again! Buy $25 gift certificates for a new restaurant you'd like to try for only $3! Just use the promo code SAVOR when you checkout.

If you've never bought one of these before, it may sound too good to be true. Trust me, these are for real! There is a minimum spend requirement at the restaurants, usually around $35. You will also need to pay a gratuity charge at 18%. So, if you order $35 worth of food when you eat out, and use the $25 off certificate (that you bought for $3), the food costs $13 total. Add on the gratuity charge of $6.30 and you just ate out $35 worth for only $19.30 total! I love eating out for about 1/2 price. This is a great way to try new restaurants in your area, there are lots to choose from.

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