Tuesday, May 18


A reader left this comment last night- it makes me want to cry!

"My Smith's run today was awesome!!! I saved $177.??, and spent $91.?? I also got $10.00 worth of coupons for my next purchases. So total out of pocket was $81.00. I consider that a HUGE success. My kids were so happy they got food I don't usually buy.

"On a side note: My mother went to Smith's this morning to score some great deals. She had been in the store shopping for 2 hours and had taken a lot of time matching coupons etc. etc. When someone STOLE her whole pile of coupons. My mother is a mother hen and said she had no idea when they took them. Maybe it was when she was checking the expiration date on the yogurt. She was so sad. My mother is 70 years old and to coupon at all is a BIG deal for her. Just a heads up keep an eye on your coupons."

Isn't that terrible? I seriously can't believe it! To spend 2 hours shopping and to have all your coupons disappear!?

Remember that your coupons are as good as CASH and to protect them just the same. Coupons truly are as good as money- they pay for your groceries the same as cash does. I'm so, so sorry that this happened!


Chad, Kendra, Eva and Kara said...

That is awful! I can't believe someone would actually steal them. That makes me sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Someone just posted about findind coupons in a cart at Smith's. It was on pinching your pennies under Utah forums. I hope they are her's.

Heather said...

Thanks! I had someone else e-mail me with the same info. I contacted the person that left the comment about her mom. I hope that those coupons are hers! That would be a happy ending. Only, the Smith's sale is over!