Thursday, October 14

McDonald's Halloween Coupons $1= 12 FREE items!

Stop by McDonald's and pick up their Halloween coupon booklet for only $1. You'll get 12 FREE product coupons! Great items to hand out to trick-or-treaters or keep for your own kids. The coupons will be valid 11/1/10-12/31/10. Coupons include:

- 3 FREE Apple Dippers
- 3 FREE Small Cones
- 3 FREE Small Apple Juice or Milk
- 3 FREE Hamburgers

Thanks, Discount Queens!


Palb13 said...

Heather, do you know what the expiration date is on the coupons?

Heather said...

Good question! I'll add these to the post. They are good 11/1-12/31. Thanks- that's good info to know!

Anonymous said...

thats a good deal.