Thursday, October 14

Nielsen Consumer Panel: Do you qualify?

If you haven't qualified for the Nielsen Consumer Panel (aka National Consumer Panel) in the past, check again! They've added new zip codes and your area may be included this time.

If you haven't heard of the
Nielsen Consumer Panel, check to see if you qualify to be on the panel. It usually depends on where you live.

If you do qualify, a scanner will be shipped to you (for FREE) . You will then be able to scan in your weekly purchases at home and transmit the scans via internet. It does take some work (have your kids help out!), but you will be rewarded by the Nielsen Consumer Panel with packages & prizes in the mail, and even cash!
Fill out surveys online to earn even more points towards prizes- they'll send them to you for FREE just for sharing your opinion!

If you decide that you don't enjoy Nielsen Consumer Panel as much as you hoped, just put the scanner in the original box and send it back. They'll pay for the shipping and you get to keep your prizes.


Amanda said...

Have you ever used them? I just got my scanner, and was wondering if anyone has had positive experiences with them?

Heather said...

I did use Nielsen when I lived in Utah. I enjoyed it and liked receiving the FREE gifts in the mail! I mailed mine back when my blog got really busy, I couldn't keep up with both! I hope you enjoy yours. If you find you don't like it as much as you wanted, just ship it back for free.