Monday, November 8

20 Christmas Cards for $1.99!

BIG Christmas card sale! Get 20 Christmas Cards for $1.99! There are hundreds of designs and options to choose from.

Take a look at all the cards available & pay only $1.99 for 20, plus around $3-$4 for shipping. This is a great deal for gorgeous Christmas cards. There are many cards that may be customized with your family photos.

Speaking of.... our family had pictures last weekend. We're down to 2 options for the Christmas cards:

Option #1: Great picture, but my son is pulling a funny face.

Option #2: Another great picture, but my eyes are halfway closed.

Which one would you pick?
(Like any good mother, I'm going to pick option #1! Moms get the picture picking prerogative... right? Most moms pick the picture where they think they look best and I guess I'm not any different!)


Amanda said...

I would pick the 1st one for a couple of reasons:
1) it's ok for kids to look goofy, it shows some of their personality.
2)Moms need to look their best in pictures, it's often the only time we can look good. :)
3)I like the way the trees frame the picture and help give contrast to what you really want to see. the second one looks kind of washed out with the sky in the background.

Heather said...

Thanks Amanda! I knew you would agree with me. :) I didn't even think of the backgrounds, the trees do look better for sure!

Thanks again!

Jules said...

1st one for sure... do you photoshop or use photo editing software? Who took the pic? Maybe they can edit for you and swap your son's head for the one in the other pic. Just a thought. But for sure pick the one where you look best! Of course! :)

Heather said...

Ha! We actually took our own pictures, we just set the timer on the camera and my husband runs back and forth.
We don't have photoshop, but I have a good friend that does- that's a great idea! Just pop in a new head- gotta love technology!