Monday, November 8

Bountiful Baskets

Have you tried Bountiful Baskets? I haven't yet, but I was so excited to see that they have pickup locations near me in Texas! Maybe I'll go next week and let you all know how it is.

Bountiful Baskets is a Food Co-Op. They specialize in bringing in fresh fruits and vegetables at a super price- a whole laundry basket full for $15! You can add extras like bread, but the minimum contribution is $15.00. This is a great way to get fresh produce for cheap, something that coupons usually don't pay for.

I've heard from friends and some readers that have participated in Bountiful Baskets and they absolutely love it! I'm thinking that I'll only have to make one trip every two weeks to get our fresh produce.

If you'd like to sign up to pick up fresh produce with Bountiful Baskets this weekend,
check for a location near you and sign up tonight or tomorrow morning before 10 a.m.! I'll get better at this and remind you sooner, but sign-ups are every Monday and Tuesday.

If you've used Bountiful Baskets before, please leave a comment to give the rest of us Bountiful Baskets newbies more information! Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reminder, A Thrifty Mom!


Jules said...

I just went on to buy my basket and my 24 lb. box of Honeycrisp apples. My mouth was salivating as I typed in my information and when I pushed "check out," it said that the apples were no longer available!!!! DARN! 24 lb. of honeycrisps for $18. That's less than $1 per pound. WAAAA! I wanna cry! If you got some- do you want to split it!?!?!? I got the basket last time and it was wonderful. A bit of a drive, but worth it, I think!

Heather said...

Hey Julie,
I didn't order this week because my daughter has an all day choir thing on Sat. and I can't remember what time it starts!
That apple deal is awesome- we'll have to get on first thing next Monday and grab those, too! That's a great deal!
Are you going to the Frisco location? I'm totally excited that Bountiful Baskets is here!

Tsosie and Peterson Bunch said...

Bountiful Baskets is the best. And it's usually closer to two baskets of produce (one fruit AND one veggie) for your $15. But the go fast so get on as quickly as you can. And the extra's are a week by week thing - just because there's apples this week doesn't mean they'll be there next - sad I know. But everythings a great value. And part of the fun is trying thing's you've never had before. Like last week we got persimmons and collard greens. Who knew persimmons were so good? Be sure to volunteer - it's how it works and it's super fun - plus you get a little treat for helping too.