Friday, November 12

Gilt: FREE $20 credit= FREE items including shipping!

Are you ready for this...? Another awesome deal site is giving a $20 credit, just for signing up! Sign up for an account with Gilt and get a FREE $20 credit added to your account.

The great thing is, you can use this credit today for something FREE- you may use this credit towards shipping! The flat rate for shipping at Gilt is $7.95, so if you find an item around $12 or so, it will be completely FREE shipped!

This "Max" doll is $7 at the Crocodile Creek store on Gilt. He (and other Where the Wild Things Are toys) will be FREE with your $20 credit!

This is another item you could grab for FREE- the elephant lunchbox is $10, so you could get it completely FREE including shipping!

Children's items are usually the easiest items to find for cheap, let me know what you
find at Gilt!

Thanks, Tight Wad in Utah!


Larsens said...

If you send an invite to 10 people you get free shipping too! SO $20 plus free shipping! Cool thanks!

Heather said...

Oh, that's right! I need to add that to the post- thank you!

Jenni said...

A lot os sold out, but I got a free book for my kids. Thanks! :)