Tuesday, November 9

$25 Restaurant.com certificates are $2!

Restaurant.com $25 certificates are on sale again for $2 each! Just enter the code GIVE at checkout and hit 'Apply.' 80% will be deducted from the normal sale price of $10, making each $25 gift certificate only $2 each!

Choose from a large variety of restaurants in your area and pay $2! There are minimum spend requirements, and you will also need to pay gratuity to your server. If you choose to join the 'Dinner of the Month Club' you will get 12 dinners at $2 each, plus an extra $50 Restaurant.com certificate. Total price for $350 in eating out is $24!

This is a stock up price!
Restaurant.com certificates are good for a WHOLE YEAR!


Larsens said...

Is the gratuity added at the end of the transaction or is it included in your total? Just don't want to pay before i know the details!

Heather said...

Good question! The gratuity is always taken care of at the restaurant. Some Restaurant.com certificates require 18% gratuity added on at the restaurant at checkout and others don't. If they do require the 18%, it will be stated clearly at Restaurant.com.
I hope that's what you meant, if not, let me know and I will find out more for you.
It's a great way to try new resaurants at a discount- you save $23 with each one.

Anonymous said...

There has to be some catch, no? Its like they are literally giving them away for free. They are normal gift cert. right?

Heather said...

I know, they seem to good to be true- but they are totally legitimate! What you will want to watch for when purchasing these certificates is the minimum spend requirements, most are around $35- but your gift certificate pays for $25 of the $35. You also need to pay tax and gratuity. You are basically getting $23 off eating out. Restaurants sign up with restaurant.com to get the word out about their restaurant and hopefully get many loyal customers. They are for real, I've used these myself!