Saturday, April 24

Bread, bread, bread

Audrey at Tight Wad in Utah sent me this great list of bread prices at local stores! You'll want to use it and compare the prices with those you normally pay.

Do you ever make your own bread? I do! I figure it probably costs around 20 cents a loaf. The best deal by far.
My recipe is here, if you'd like to give it a try.

On a side note: before I started buying our long-term food storage items, I bought a wheat grinder first. The grinder was much more expensive than the wheat, but I knew I probably wouldn't use the wheat if I didn't have a grinder first. Since then, I have learned many other ways to use your wheat. You can sprout it, cook it into a cereal, use it as a filler in your hamburger, etc. I will show these recipes over the next few weeks! Wheat is a great way to stretch your dollars!

Enjoy the wheat bread recipe and the bread prices from Tight Wad in Utah!

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