Saturday, April 24

What did you buy at Aeropostale?

We scored these cute t-shirts for $2.25 each! Show us what you got for cheap! E-mail me a pic at or post it on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page!

By the way, I've been wondering, how do you pronounce Aeropostale? I should have asked the clerks at the store!


Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

Does this make sense?!


I work retail, and we had a hard time too. We always call it Aero, but one day we finally asked! This is the what they told us!

Oh, and I got 2 tanks for under my shirts for just $6!! Love it!

Emilee said...

I'm super jealous you all got to shop together with out me :(. I did get some sunglasses and TJ got 2 shirts. My big belly won't fit in those little aeropostale shirts! You guys are so cute, miss you!