Saturday, April 24

FREE Udder Cover!

Right now at Udder, you can grab a nursing cover (really, the most stylish I've seen!) for FREE! Just head over here and choose the 'Udder Cover' of your choice. They are normally $32.00. When you apply the code 'candie', it takes off the $32.00 and all you pay is $9.95 for shipping! If you'd rather get the gift set, priced at $37.00, apply the code 'candie' to get $32.00 off! WOW!

Thanks, Our Thrifty Ideas Become One!


Natalie said...

Thanks Heather!!!! This is great for baby shower gifts, especially for grandmas! Best deal I've seen.

Di said...

I ordered on a few weeks ago witha similar code deal- it came yesterday- I was so excited!