Friday, April 23


I wanted to show you a portion of our "family store" for today's Frugal Friday video. When you begin using multiple sets of coupons, you are able to build up your short-term food storage very quickly! All those boxes of cereal were bought in my first month of using coupons. I bought 60 boxes for about $20! I had to tell myself to stop buying cereal...unless it was FREE.

Once you get a nice stock of items in your family store, you can afford to be really picky about the deals you get. You already have so much of what you need! This helps you to save even more money. Enjoy the video!

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Dahlene said...

Thanks for the inside look. I was organizing my home store just today. It's exciting to see all those groceries building up at such low prices and even free!

suzyQT73 said...

Heather I loved you Friday Frugal Video. I need tips on how to organize my family store. It is just a pile of stuff thrown in my storage room. I have organizational problems.