Thursday, April 22

Last days for City Deals 15% off!

City Deals 15% promo will be ending soon! Go here to grab $25 gift cards for $10.62 and $20 gift cards for $8.50!

Don't forget about the fun summer swim passes that I posted about
here and here.


Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a bunch of stuff but when I checked out my computer told me it wasn't a secure site. I called to see if there is another way to check out like Paypal but they said no. So no deals for me today. bummer....I was going to spend $130 and save even more!

Heather said...

Dear Anonymous, I checked this out and got back the following message from City Deals:

"Good morning! That is strange what happened to that customer as we are completely secure. We have an ssl certificate as does any other e-commerce site. Please let her know that we are and she can shop with confidence that her information is secured."

Mark Sanders

Director of Corporate Sales

O: 801.858.1490

C: 707.803.8753