Monday, April 19

Cherry Hill $25 passes for $10.20!

I just checked City Deals to make sure their 15% promotional is still on. The GOOD news is.... it is!

While I was there, I noticed this *HOT deal on Cherry Hill passes!

Get a
$25 combo pass for for $12.00! Then, be sure to add the promo code 'SPRINGCLEANING' when you checkout, and this pass is only $10.20!

There are also
$50 Jumpin' Jacks passes for only $30! Add the promo code 'SPRINGCLEANING' to get your 15% off, and this $50 pass is $25.50!

Other great deals on eating out:

$25 gift certificates, only $12.50.
Gecko's Mexican Grill $25 gift certificates, only $12.50.
Mountain Mike's Pizza $25 gift certificates, only $12.50.
Pizza Factory $25 gift certificates, only $12.50.
Pier 49 Pizza $25 gift certificates, only $12.50.

Add the promo code 'SPRINGCLEANING' when you check out and these gift certificates are only $10.62 each!

I'd seriously buy as many of these (within budget of course) as you can! I'm afraid the Spring Cleaning 15% off deal may end any day! There are also LOTS more City Deals that I don't have the time to post! To look for deals on your favorite restaurants and other deals in your area, just set up a new account here and enjoy shopping these online! Enjoy these awesome deals!

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