Thursday, April 22

Salt City Candle Sale- FREE shipping!

Super HOT Salt City Candles sale! 70-78% off and FREE shipping! Go here to order and use the code twitter to get the FREE shipping!

Here's a sampling of the sweet smelling candles available with this sale:

•Angel Mother Raspberry Splash 20 Ounce $5.99
•Summer Sun 14 Ounce Guava $3.99
•Summer Sun 14 Ounce Strawberry Shortcake $3.99
•Tropical Fantasy 5 Oz. $2.99
•Watermelon 5 Oz. $2.99
•Summer Sun 14 Ounce Herbal Moss $3.99
•Summer Sun 14 Ounce Hibiscus $3.99
•Pomegranate 5 Oz $2.99
•Banana Cream Pie 4 Oz. $2.99
•Apple Pie 4 Oz. $2.99
•Banana Flower 5 Oz. $2.99
•Fruit Tart 4 Oz. $2.99
•Summer Sun 14 Ounce Plum Spice $3.99

WOW! These are awesome prices!

Thanks, Dixie Coupon Chicks!

1 comment:

suzyQT73 said...

I picked up 5 of the Raspberry Splash at my local Seagull Book. I am going to give them to my children's teachers at the end of the year. YAY!! One more thing checked off my list. This was the favorite smell left at my Seagull book.